Audrina Patridge Hairstyle: Twist Updo

The twist updo hairstyle looks charming and cool. It really is certain to earn you some envy glances since it could possibly offer people a graceful and formal look and feel, therefore it will be your great option.

It is easy to re-create and will be suited to any special occasion.

Styling Tips

  • Just comb all the hair as well as tie them as a loose low ponytail utilizing a plain thin elastic band nearby your nape regarding the neck.
  • Obtain a firm grip around the foot of the tail and employ your other side to twist the tail right into a tight spiral. Contain the foot of the tail with one hand, and then lift the tail straight up utilizing the other. Coil it clockwise all over base. Fix the chignon with a few prong-shaped bobby pins.
  • Leave some long soft bangs out of the front of the face to soften the appearance and complete the hairstyle ideally.